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QA Service for JIRA

Professional testers test your mobile and web apps on real devices then deliver results securely to JIRA, cloud and server versions

Human testing as simple as a web service

Your Websites & Apps

Professional QA Tester

We've combined the creativity of human testers with technology to focus their efforts. The result is a powerful platform that harnesses human intelligence to test your apps under real world conditions. It has never been easier to discover functional issues, get unbiased UX insight, and know when you're ready to ship!

Software testing, performed by people, powered by technology, delivered to JIRA

Test your app on all devices

Make sure that your software works everywhere. Run your web or mobile app on a variety of real devices and under real-world conditions. Select the devices you need based on type, manufacturer, operating system, and browser.

Real Devices. Real People. Real Fast.

Results in as soon as an hour

No more waiting: receive thorough reports with video reproductions in as soon as an hour.

Real-world experience: our testers have exactly the devices, OS's, and browsers you need.

Devices galore

Powered by people

Know for sure: skilled testers ensure your app, website, or SaaS platform works as your customers expect, every release.

100% secure. No credit card required. 

We'll run a free test and deliver the results to JIRA

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Try it free

100% secure. No credit card required.

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"The UI of our product has improved tremendously and the internal time spent on testing has dropped at the same time."

Henning Rix
Senior Platform Manager @ L'TUR


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